Almost Done!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Since returning from Arizona on March 14, I have not climbed at all. Not one day outside; not one day on my home wall. I have been a man possessed. For the past 3 weekends and most evenings for at least an hour or more, I have been trying to complete my basement renovation. Well, now the walls are painted and I've started on the bookshelves, doors and trim. There is PLENTY still to do, but for the first time it feels that a real end is in sight.

For many, a project like this may not seem like much, but for me--having never built anything more complicated than a Lego set--this has been much more of an undertaking than I had expected. But, just like in climbing, sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and fight through it. At the end of the day (that day being April 22 when carpet is installed) I am going to be quite psyched to move my office down next to the climbing gym... and then get started on the baby's room. No rest for the weary! But, for right now, I am taking my first night off in a month and going climbing.