Laurie & Don: A Private Farm Wedding

Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 1, 2009 was a great day. It was sunny. I could just stop there, but it was also the day of my brother-in-law's wedding, which made it extra special. As a photographer I have attended lots of weddings already this year, about half as many as I will attend before the year is over. But this one was extra fun because it was my family. Knowing so many people made photographing the events of the day even more fun than usual.

The wedding took place on a family friend's farm. Laurie put extra care in to the details to accentuate the country farm vibe. And this old Ford truck only added to it, so it seems fitting to start there!

Here is our first glimpse of the bride and groom as they approach the ceremony location from the farm house.

As beautiful a day as this was, it was extra challenging to photograph the ceremony. It was a 1PM service, in an open field, without a cloud in the sky. Shadows were harsh and I was hot. Here they are with all of our family and friends gathered around during the ceremony.

But Laurie and Don looked great and that's what mattered most.

Below is one of my favorite shots just following the ceremony of Laurie and our father-in-law.

Here's a closer look at Laurie's beautiful bouquet:

Following the short ceremony and some family portraits it was time to turn around and be off to the reception... as seen from the inside that awesome Ford pick-up truck, of course.

There were lots of kids at the wedding—including my daughter (Yippee!)—so they planned lots of fun for everyone. Horseshoes, cold beverages, etc.


Thank goodness the coolers were well stocked! (Because it was hot, that's all!)

Don has two fantastic daughters, and I love this shot of them all:

And here's a couple of Don and Laurie with that truck... again.

Here are a couple more details shots of their cake. This is the most creative and entertaining cake I've seen this summer. When I first saw it I was cracking up because it is perfect for Laurie and Don.

And somebody can't wait to partake of those chocolate cupcakes!

And one more shot of the happy couple as they toast the day.

And check out their slideshow too!

This was such a fun day, and it was great to be shooting at not just another beautiful wedding, but also a family gathering. Thanks for throwing a great party Laurie and Don!