So Dope...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I recently finished a new advertisement for Sterling Rope that will run in Urban Climber Magazine. This ad was a departure from the other ads I have designed for Sterling over that past year, and I like the direction. Particularly, use of less ad copy! The ad features Joe Kinder and Sterling's new Nano 9.2mm rope.

I've been working with the folks at Sterling Rope over the past year+, and for me it's been a wonderful creative opportunity. Not only am I doing the type of projects I love -- advertisements, collateral, etc. -- but with a company whose main line of business is focused on the sport that I obsess over. Through this relationship I've come to know climbers that I looked up to, collaborated with industry professionals such as magazine editors and photographers, and gotten a look into the business-side of climbing. Sterling has allowed me to combine both my professional life and my personal passion on a regular basis.