Way In the Wilderness

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am now recharged, re-energized and generally psyched. I've been working a lot lately, which has it's ups and downs. I am psyched to work with great people and couples in creative ways -- always. I am fortunate that work is usually enjoyable. Sometimes I get bogged down in my own digital quagmire, but hey, even that can be enjoyable a lot of the time. Still, I like to play. Sunday, despite the frigid temperatures, I got out to play. With friends, we found a gorgeous piece of ice in the sun to toil on for the afternoon. Way In the Wilderness WI5 has been called the most photogenic route in the White Mountains, and I must admit it does rank up there! Below is a shot I captured of my good friend Rob Point picking his way up this glorious icicle. I am already looking forward to my next play day!