Late Night Editing

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lots of projects going on, and I promise to post some peeks into some of them shortly. I've had too many late nights sorting, processing, and tagging wedding images, corporate portraits and some recent ice climbing shoots. Talk about variety, and fun! Slaving in front of dual flat screens is not quite as much fun as hanging from a rope stemming off a HUGE icicle, but it has it's rewards too... the excitement of pulling all those images into Lightroom and having a look is akin to Christmas morning some times. Anyway, I have helpers, or hindrances, depending on perspective. Late one evening, after taking a break for a minute to go upstairs, I come back to find my "helpers" have taken over the "command center." When this happens, what else can you do other than take a picture, right?

Anyway, more photos coming soon. I am nearing the end of this current tunnel... and having kicked my helpers out and gotten back to work, the light is getting brighter. Stay tuned.