Combining Passions

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a great thing to be out shooting photos of new subjects in interesting locations. In this case, I was working for a corporate client in conjunction with the Portland, Maine Fire Department. I've never worked with firefighters before, so that was COOL. And, I'd never done high-angle rigging from a building billowing smoke. That was really COOL. I was tasked with capturing images of a new safety rope developed with FDNY for bailouts from multiple stories up. Essentially this thing is a rope with a big mean hook on it that firefighters can you use escape when there is no other way out. I hope no one ever needs to use it, but after seeing it in action I'm glad firefighters have it.

So, I spent the day inside and outside this smoke-filled training tower as the brave men from Portland jumped out the windows and slid down their ropes. I've now just finished an advertisement using one of the images (and other product shots also I shot) for upcoming publication. It's such a great feeling combining these two passions of mine -- photography and design. Below are a couple of photos from the day and a thumbnail of the ad. Thanks to the folks at Sterling Rope and PFD for making this all happen.