Wedding: Christina & Andy

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Christina and Andy's wedding was gorgeous. A fantastic late Spring day, beautiful setting at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, MA, with a fun, energetic and completely engaging couple. You can't ask for more. It was perfect.

I was excited to be again photographing with Ned Jackson. We arrived plenty early, earlier than usual, and even before the bride and groom arrived to start getting ready. We strolled the gardens and scoped locations for later, relaxed in the shade of the wrap-around porch, and generally enjoyed a spectacular day. We're always earlier than our "start" time, but seldom earlier than the couple, as their day often starts with the sun coming up! I was digging it.

Thirty to forty-five minutes later Andy and the groomsmen arrived, followed shortly by Christina and her bridesmaids, each occupying rooms at opposite ends of the hall. The energy in both was high.. excitement, anticipation and nervousness all at once... and we were quick to work capturing and documenting the day.

I love this shot of the best man, Andy and Christina's brother goofing around in their Top Gun shades:

A couple of details:

Bridesmaids attending to Christina's dress and her lovely bouquet:

Here is Andy watching Christina walk down the isle with her father, and then a priceless look from Christina after she arrived:

This was such a gorgeous location for a wedding ceremony. The wisteria vines draping the pergola were planted over 100 years ago!

And another view from the other side through the garden, as well as the kiss at the end of the ceremony.

The newlyweds with the bridesmaids:

Following formal portraits were the introductions. I've seen a few in my day, but this one steals the show! It's important to note that Christina plays women's baseball and they are both die hard Sox fans, and that Andy is a HUGE Star Wars fan. Starting from way across the front lawn of the house at another pergola (they were everywhere!) the bridal party was introduced a la sports announcer style. It was classic! When it was time for Christina and Andy to do their march across the lawn the DJ changed tempo, and tracks, to the end song from the original Star Wars (the medal ceremony scene). It was awesome, and so unique and personal, and Andy was amped, which saw it in every step! There destination was the large farmer's porch and their first dance as husband and wife:

Followed by dinner, the cake cutting...

...and dancing on the porch. This image was lit by a single Speedlight flash behind the right column, and triggered by a PocketWizard.

Thank you Christina and Andy for having me at your wedding!