Rebecca and the Seacoast half marathon

Monday, November 9, 2009

Yesterday Rebecca ran the Seacoast half marathon, which runs a 13.1 mile course starting in Portsmouth, NH and winds its way to the ocean through Rye and Newcastle. A lovely course, and generally considered pretty flat. Pretty flat is relative though, since the other race that Rebecca ran is the Chicago Half in September, which is SUPER flat (i.e. runs along the edge of the lake the entire way). She did awesome yesterday, and only missed her time goal by 47 seconds, which to me doesn't even count in a 13.1 mile race!

I was super psyched to be there cheering her on at several spots along the course with our daughter. Taking the day off will probably bite me in the rear end since I am currently trying to wrap up editing on 3 weddings and an engagement session, but it was much needed and tons of fun!

Here is Rebecca legging it to the finish line, which is about 50 yards away. She was looking strong!

Abby was far more interested in my hat and hamming for the camera than the race -- until she saw mom!

And finally, here is mother and daughter right after the race. I love this photo...

Way to go Rebecca! I am so proud of you!