Friday, May 6, 2011

OK, one more baby post and then back to status quo. I just think this is so cool...

I am a twin. My brother Keith lives in Wyoming (lucky!). Growing up we were pretty much inseparable, at least until high school, and then we branched out in our own directions. But it really only lasted those four years. Throughout college, although at different schools, we got together all the time. It was freshman year that we started climbing; Keith and I found a local indoor climbing gym and then proceeded to climb something -- including an old railroad trestle -- most weekends for a loooooong time. My most memorable early adventures (and misadventures) all involved Keith. I definitely believe that twins have a bond, a strong one.

As my last post noted, we just recently had a little baby boy, Colin. A few weeks after we found out we were pregnant we found out that Keith and his wife were also pregnant with their first. Very cool! We joked about the twins having kids at the same time, but our due dates were several weeks apart. Maybe the same month, but unlikely. Then we both found out we were having boys. Very cool, again. Things start to get really exciting as you get really close. We knew we were having a c-section, and a week or so before our scheduled date it was pushed back a couple of days. Then, the day before that new delivery date, my brother calls and says, "guess what, the doctor's scheduling us for a c-section TOMORROW!" No way!

Long story short, our little fella Colin has a psuedo-twin brother 2,300 miles away in Wyoming, born about 11 hours apart. For me, as a twin, I think it is a bit surreal, a little weird and really cool. My brother and I have a strong bond, and I hope as these two grow up they do as well...

(That's Colin on the left.)