A great (birth)day

Friday, June 17, 2011

Today is Abby's third birthday. How could it not be a good day? But, in fact, it was a great day. We all as parents have visions of the things we will do with our kids. I've been waiting 3 years for today (not to make a HUGE deal about it or anything). I don't believe in pushing kids into things, but there is nothing wrong with providing a little opportunity in the "right" direction. So, on Wednesday my good friend friend Jim gave me a birthday present for Abby -- a children's climbing harness. This evening, after a couple of minutes convincing her the harness would not hurt her, she spent 10 minutes swing from the ceiling. Then my heart swelled as she decided to climb to the ceiling with a top rope belay and jump off. "Do again! Do again!" No need to twist my arm. I tried to get a little video, but it's tough filming while giving a hip belay to your toddler. I caught this 20 second clip and then ran out of memory. It's all I need though. Happy birthday, Abby. Get that turtle!