Lyvie & Geoff: A Sunny Slope Farm Wedding

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I love outdoor weddings, and I find farm weddings particularly appealing. New England barns and rustic farm houses create an all-around cozy feeling for a wedding. So, I was very excited to be photographing Lyvie and Geoff's big day at Sunny Slope Farm in Alton, NH over Labor Day weekend. This was my second time shooting at Sunny Slope, having photographed Joanna and David there previously on a glorious Fall day last year. But that was another day, and this day was all about Lyvie and Geoff!

We began the day at Lyvie's parent's house. Tucked away in a secluded spot in the NH lakes region, their home offered great light in an intimate setting.
As we snapped away all of the bridesmaids began to trickle in while Lyvie had her make-up done:

Following make-up, it was time to get dressed. Here is Lyvie's gown soaking up some of that fantastic light in the master suite:

Lyvie had lots of help getting laced up, and I think all of the bridesmaids had fun getting into the act!

From the house we all headed over to Sunny Slope. Below is one of my favorite shots from the day, captured before the ceremony:

Sunny Slope is located in the foothills of the White Mountains. It offers wonderful mountain views and lush NH foliage. Here is the scene just after Lyvie's processional:

A beautiful, veiled bride as she joins her groom:

And here is Geoff, glowing as he greets Lyvie for the first time that day:

The kiss.

I always try to shoot with a second photographer. Here is a great shot captured by David after the ceremony. Don't they look happy!

Following the ceremony, we spent a little time taking portraits. Here is a shot taken in the doorway of the big red barn. I like this image, but there are always several perspectives available, which is a great argument for a second shooter. As I was shooting the image below...

David was capturing another angle. I like mine. I LOVE David's. The antique NH license plate is the coup de grace, and adds so much to the story!

Since we haven't spent much time with Geoff in this blog post, here is a portrait captured under a nearby birch:

And here is Lyvie at the same location:

Following some portraits of the newlyweds, it was time to join the reception and make introductions. Here are the new Mr. and Mrs. and their entrance!

The colors for their wedding were white and blue. Can you guess why? If the cake below is pretty obvious... Geoff is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. In fact, Geoff proposed on the field at Cowboys Stadium!

What else is there to do with a wedding cake other than to cut it... then eat it! Mmmmm...

Following "formalities," the reception really kicked off with raucous dancing and good times by all. In the image below I love Lyvie dancing next to her mom with her brother getting down in the middle!

As the night drew to a close we went back up to the barn to get a last few night time portraits. The barn was lit up with lanterns and holiday lights (actually remaining still from Joanna and David's wedding!). It made a great location to end the night.

Lyvie and Geoff, thank you for having me as part of your wedding day.